Thank you for your interest in becoming an agent with FES and joining Team X-Factor!

This is a life changing business opportunity so please don't take this information lightly because our training system has helped many people already earn 6-figures and walk away from their job.... YOU can be next!


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Agent cost: $288 Then $89 a month.

($89 a month is waived once you have 5 active clients/agents)

Your Agent Benefits Include:

Up To $100,000 in Life Insurance

● Your Credit Repaired

● Financial Lockbox

● Will, Trust, POA

● Credit Attorney

● Credit Builder

● Smart Credit

● FES Travel

● DebtZero

● Lifelock

● And More



Compensation Plan:

Earn $100 for every customer you refer!

Earn $40 to $550 for every Agent you refer!

Plus Earn $12/month on all of your active Customers & Agents!

You are paid every Thursday via direct deposit or check


Exclusive R & R Club Benefits:


FES has an unprecedented benefit program known as the R & R Club.

By accumulating Protection Plan Memberships you can become eligible for an Audi car payment, a house payment, a retirement bonus and significant cash bonuses. This unique program is another great example of FES’s exceptional career opportunity.

Watch the videos on to learn more about FES!

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Once you become an agent, your sponsor will add you to our private training / support FB group.

We will game plan with you to help you create success quickly with your FES business.

We have complete training in place to walk you through everyting.

We are excited to start working with you!